Corporate Consulting Services

As a seasoned customer service consultant with a proven track record of success, I offer a comprehensive range of services tailored exclusively for corporations, designed to enhance your customer experience strategies to drive customer loyalty and retention. 

  •  My expertise lies in crafting customized policies and strategies around customer service, loyalty, and referrals, all aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction and driving growth.  
  •  I excel in training your employees to be customer-centric champions, equipping them with the skills and mindset required to exceed customer expectations consistently.  
  • My interactive workshops and seminars are designed to inspire and empower your teams, providing them with actionable insights and strategies to enhance customer engagement and loyalty

Here are 3 ways Client Relations Consultants

works with small businesses and physicians practices:

A la Carte Services

We offer the following services on a project-by-project basis if you only need our assistance one time.  

  • Customer Experience Audit of your company’s customer service practices to determine if you’re losing money or to explain why you’re getting negative reviews.
  • Developing sales strategies and customer retention policies and procedures tailored to your company’s offerings
  • Training your staff to provide concierge-level customer support
  • VIP Strategy and Coaching Days

Retainer Packages

As The CEO, you should focus on other revenue-earning aspects of your business.  Hire me as your Vice President of Customer Service for 10, 20, or 40 hours over a span of several months.

Call us when you need the following Reputation Management Services:

  • Crisis Management – Not sure how to handle a customer complaint?  Your customer service reps have questions about how to best handle a situation?  Let me be the Escalation Point and handle it for you.
  • Strategies for Customer Retention and Loyalty and/or Sales
  • Customer Experience Analysis – My team and I will get one-on-one feedback from your customers about their experience.
  • Customer Service Evaluation – We will evaluate your company’s customer service and provide you with feedback on what you’re doing well and what needs to improve
  • Customer Service Team Management – I manage and support your customer service team so you don’t have to.  

Long Term Customer Support

For clients who need continuous Reputation Management support over 3 months or more.  I become an integral, non-W-2 addition to your team in order to develop policies, manage and train your staff, assist you in hiring the right sales and customer service support, and more!  As part of your team, I create the structure your company needs to increase customer loyalty, retention, and referrals - AND increase your sales!