Hello! I'm Angela Black

The Customer 
Experience Queen!TM

I take the headache out of sales and customer service by helping companies systemize their sales and customer service policies and procedures so they create consistently AMAZING customer experiences that result in increased sales, referrals, and revenue.

Companies I’ve worked with

Are you...

  • Concerned that you're losing customers or sales due to a lack of consistently awesome customer service?
  • Tired of trying to think up ways to create loyalty & referral programs to increase sales?
  • Overwhelmed at the thought of creating policies and procedures for a variety of sales and customer situations?

We Can Help You!

A study conducted by Avanade and Sitecore shows that for every $1 you spend in managing your customer experiences, you get $3 back!!! That's a 300% ROI!!!

We develop policies and procedures customized to your business, train your staff, and develop strategies to create a customer-centric environment that will encourage your customers to spend more money with you and refer others to your business.

Who is Angela Black?

"Hi!  I'm Angela Black - The Customer Experience Queen!  I have a passion for transforming businesses through exceptional customer service practices.  I collaborate with my clients to help them increase revenue through customer retention and referrals.  I work with a variety of business industries - both service-based and product-based."

Angela black


In today's competitive business landscape, we typically don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. I help you ensure that your customers consistently have high value experiences, spend more money with your business, and send more customers your way!

Consulting Services

We focus on the needs of your customer AND the needs of your business to create

a mutually-beneficial result that helps you increase your sales and revenue.

Here's how you can work with us:

Consulting for Companies and Organizations

I partner with companies to help them create a business structure that improves employee morale, encourages more sales, customer referrals, and customer loyalty – which increases their revenue!

Customer Service Training 

I conduct trainings for  corporate employees on customer service, customer retention, creating an overall concierge-level customer service environment, and more.

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Client Testimonials

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Francisco Dean, Owner of ProSnap Booth:



This is PROOF you are the Customer Queen!  This lady left us a 1-star review, now she wants to come into our store and shop. This is the customer you turned around for us, Angela!

-Alysha Harvey


Angela Black and her team DID THAT! Canyou say: TIMELY, PROFESSIONAL, UNDERSTANDING, QUICK, and KNOWLEDGEABLE!!!!!   We had our customer/client service training and SOP with her and let me tell you we are so grateful and happy with our results. We finally have an extremely thorough clientservice process. My staff loved the results and are so happy for the detailed guidance and examples she gave them! 

-Carol Burkhart

Director of Hotel Operations Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre Hotel - Dallas, TX

The Customer Experience Audit report that Angela created for us was extremely helpful.   The report is very detailed, includes photos, and in-depth dialogue about her experience in the room, the bar, the cafe, the front desk, and even parking.   It's a very thorough report that will help us prepare for our surprise Quality Assurance visits that occur every 6 months.  

I'd like to have her return to provide us with another  report in the future.


Pediatric Care Center, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

The amazing Angela was well educated, well-mannered and well prepared. I think that this training must have been the most informative one that I have ever taken part in. Because not only did she educate us, but she ensured that we could attach real life situations, positive or negative, to the aspects of her teachings. Doing so allowed me to have a visual understanding of the areas I need it to work on, as well as the areas that only need to be sharpened a little. Much appreciated.

Clients I Work With:

  • Companies that need someone to help train their staff on how to provide a high level of customer service
  • Healthcare companies:  Doctor's offices, Hospitals, Home Healthcare Agencies, Pharmacies, Rehab Facilities, Mental Health Centers, and more!
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their companies with a customer-centric knowledge base
  • Existing companies who need to improve their customer culture and increase sales
  • Companies who have had low customer service ratings or want to avoid getting bad reviews
  • Companies who want to “AMAZE” their customers to create more customer loyalty
  • Companies with a growing customer base they want to retain and continue to grow